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Quality content (sex stories) for backlink

Looking for quality text content for your blog or website?
I can offer you a quality and unique sex stories for various niches, including straight, gay, group sex, interracial, bizzare, lesbian etc, featuring 1000-2000 words.
All I want is a backlink pointing to my site. If you are interested, feel free to contact me: extasa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Jason found himself staring at the most beautiful convertible on the car lot. It was a red Corvette that made him drool. He was a very sucessful 35 year old and thought, "why the hell not?".

He filled out the paperwork and other mumbo jumbo and left the car dealership with his new toy. He loved the way it looked and sounded. He also loved the way girls seemed to be drawn to it.

Holly was a very sexy 19 year old that he met at the Chiropractic clinic that he owned. She had worked for him part time ever since she was 16. She loved to flirt with the clients as well as with him.

Holly wasted no time telling Jason how 'hot' his car was. She begged him to take her for a ride at lunchtime. Jason agreed and they went to lunch that afternoon. This lunch routine continued for a few weeks...the flirting got more intense.

Jason got the nerve to ask Holly out on a date. She agreed and they set up the arrangements for Friday night. Nothing too fancy, just dinner and maybe a movie or a nice evening drive to the town nearby for a friendly game of putt putt golf.

He picked her up at her apartment and she looked sexy. She had on a short, flirty, summer dress that had thin spaghetti straps and a sexy low-cut front. He tried not to look at the amount of tit flesh that was exposed but how could he not look? He had never really seen her in such a revealing outfit before and he was amazed at how plump and round her tits were. He stared at her tight firm cleavage as she walked down the steps to meet him. Her tits jiggled with each step and it made him horny as hell.

"You look amazing!" he said as he handed her a red rose.
"Aw, thanks." she said blushing as she smelled the rose.

They got in the car and her skirt slid up her long sexy legs showing more skin. Jason wanted to fuck her right then and there! Holly crossed her legs and slid her skirt down a little.

Dinner was nice and they flirted like usual. Putt Putt was fun too. Jason spent more time watching Holly's sexy body as she leaned forward to hit the ball. Her long sexy legs looked so firm and silky and her dress fluttered playfully in the breeze as it seemed to dance against her curves.

The drive home was spent laughing and talking about their game. "I have a bottle of wine at my house." Jason said softly.

"Is that so?" she said in a sexy voice.
"Mm hmm." he said back.
"What else do you have at your house?" she asked driving him crazy with her sultry tone.
"Would you like to see?" he asked.
"Only if you want me to see it." she said putting her hand on his thigh.

Holy shit! She had never touched him before. He knew it would be a piece of cake to get laid tonight. They went in his house and he gave her a glass of wine as he gave her the tour of his house. She seemed very impressed by his house and by the time they had gone through every room, the bottle of wine was empty. Jason opened another bottle.

Holly was giggling more and more as they went out on the patio. "Wow, you have a pool too?" she said filling her glass again. "And a hot tub" Jason added putting his arm around her and gently turning her towards it. "Very nice." she said turning towards him. They stared at each other in the moonlight and then slowly began to kiss.

Jason put his arms around her and pulled her closer to him pressing his hardon against her as they kissed. Holly moaned as she felt his hands caress her ass. Jason slid his hands under her skirt and felt her soft tight ass cheeks. "Mmm," he moaned feeling naked flesh. "No panties?"

Holly pulled away from him and slowly took off her dress. He couldn't believe she was standing in front of him with nothing on but a thong. "Yes panties." she said giggling. "No bra." she said as she took his hand and walked to the hot tub.

"Oh God!" he said as she slid off her thong and slowly got in the hot tub. "Are you gonna join me?" she said in a sexy voice.

Jason got undressed and his cock stood proudly erect as he got in. Holly stopped him before he got all the way in. He sat on the top step of the ladder as she gave him a long sensual blowjob. He could feel her hard nipples rubbing on his legs as she went down on him. He couldn't believe she was sucking him off! "cum in my mouth" he heard her say over and over again as she massaged his balls. He shot his load in her mouth and watched her swallow his every drop.

She stood up and kissed him pressing her wet plump tits against him. She pulled him into the water with her and drank another glass of wine. They kissed and made out heavily as she straddled him pressing her tits in his face while she rubbed her pussy all over his cock.

Jason spent a long time sucking her nipples and groping her plump, round titties. They got out of the tub and wrapped up in a towel. Holly went to the bathroom and then came out to find Jason waiting for her.

"I want to fuck you so bad!" Holly said rubbing his cock through his towel. Jason led her to his bedroom and she layed on his bed. She spread her legs and began to rub her pussy and play with her nipples. "I bet you wanna see me make myself cum." she said as she rubbed her clit. "I know it will turn you on." she said slowly sliding a finger inside herself. "Look how wet you make me." she said as she continued to masturbate for him.

Jason's cock was throbbing. "Stop!" he said suddenly.
"Ohhh...I can't." she said rubbing her pussy harder.

Jason put his head between her legs and moved her hand. He slowly slid two fingers inside her as he licked her clit. She let out a load moan as he fingered her wet pussy. His tongue danced on her clit as she began to cum. "Oh yeah...Oh Jason." she said as she gushed hot juices from her cunt.

Jason pulled out his finger and licked up her cum and then plowed his cock inside her tight hole. He fucked her hard and slow as his cock throbbed even more. He felt his balls get tight and knew he was about to cum. "Should I get some protection?" he whispered in her ear and began kissing her neck. "Oh my God Jason," she moaned grabbing his ass. "your cock is so big!" Jason had to stop so he didn't cum. His cock throbbed wildly inside her as he held his breath.

"Holly," he panted. "do I need to get a rubber?" he said starting to fuck her again.
"I'm on the pill," she said raising her hips to meet his thrusts. "rub my pussy with your cock before you cum inside me." she begged.

Jason pulled out and began rubbing her clit with the tip of his cock. She began to moan and squirm under him as he made her cum again. "Fuck me hard Jase!" she said letting out a load moan as he rammed his cock inside her. He shoved her legs up higher and fucked her harder and harder.

"Oh God yes!" he moaned over and over as she tightened up her pussy on his cock. "Oh my God Holly!" he said as he shot his load inside her. She clawed his back as he rammed her deeper and deeper until he was satisfied and finished cumming.

He felt his cock shrinking and twitching inside of her as he kissed her neck and ear. "You are so fucking beautiful, girl." he said as he pulled out and kissed her chest working his way down to her nipples where he spent a few minutes sucking them. He kissed her stomach and made his way to her freshly fucked pussy and slowly licked her slit. He could taste her cum and his and he slid in three fingers and began to finger fuck her again.

It wasn't long before he was hard again and this time she got on top of him and rode him like a whore. Her tits bounced up and down as she glided up and down on his cock. She then faced the other way and begged him to finger her ass. He wasted no time slipping in two fingers as she moaned with pleasure. She rubbed her clit while he fucked both her holes. He was ready to cum and she got up on all fours and begged him to fuck her up the ass.

He pushed his cock in slowly and began fucking her tight ass hole. He tugged at her nipples as he thrusted his meat in and out of her. "Cum in my ass." she said as he felt her shoot a load of cum all over him. Holly rocked back to meet his thrusts as she screamed louder and louder. Jason came in her ass and then they collapsed on the bed.

They got dressed after a few minutes and he drove her home. She gave him a blowjob on the way. He couldn't believe what a horny little slut she was. He walked her to the door and gave her a goodbye kiss. She had her one tit flopped out of her dress for him to touch again.

She opened her door and pulled him inside quickly. Before he knew it, his cock was out of his pants and they were on the floor fucking again. Her door was barely closed and she was naked laying on her back as he gave it to her one more time. Jason zipped up his pants and helped her up. Holly kissed him as she stood naked in the doorway.

"Let's go out again sometime soon ok?" she said closing her eyes as Jason rolled her nipples in his fingers and thumb.

"Yeah, like real soon." he said kissing her neck.
"Yeah, like tomorrow soon." she said as she kissed his ear.
"Sounds good." he said kissing her again.
"Sounds real good." she said as she squeezed his ass.

Stats: 1,788 words 8,977 characters
I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
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Hello, the backlinks you will incluide in the stories, can be nofollow?
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Interested, PM me
Founder at: https://www.pornmood.com

SKYPE: junaid.taiwo2

ICQ: 744573255
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